The President claims the US Military will “not accept or allow” transgender individuals to serve.

In November we wrote about the fear that came after the 2016 election. We are heartbroken that that fear materialized today. It is easy to feel powerless right now.

I know how lonely the world feels right now.

We will remain and continue to be a light in the darkness.

If that darkness has swallowed you up, please, please please consider the following resources.

  • Trans* Help Line: 877-565-8860
  • Trevor Lifeline (Youth): 866-488-7386



Numerica Adds Every Branch To The Map

We are thrilled to announced that Numerica Credit Union has submitted all of their branches and their headquarters to the Spokane Trans* Map! The authors of this map can personally attest to Numerica’s commitment to welcoming the trans* community here in Spokane. They have made incredible strides to not only show their commitment to diversity, but to work by it.

There isn’t a lot to say other than this is absolutely fantastic. We commend and applaud Numerica for stepping up and making a visible effort to show that they are open for business to the trans* community.



On The Most Recent Election

As uncertain as the future remains, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment to work on the Spokane Trans* Map in effort to create an index of the city’s trans* friendly places. Ultimately, our goal is for this website to no longer become necessary, but we do not see that happening in the foreseeable future. There is a lot of uncertainty. A lot of hateful rhetoric came out of the woodwork during this election cycle and there is a disturbing possibility of anti-LGBT measures coming to fruition.

I don’t have a lot of words, but I do want to let you know that you are loved. You are cared for and you are not alone.

Our work has just begun. The individual love of our neighbors, business owners, family, friends, and strangers will be far greater than any hate that disseminates as result of the election. We will fight to eradicate intolerance in this city, state, and country.

As uncertain as this all remains, I implore the transgender residents of Spokane, WA to remember that this city is your home and this city accepts you. It’s not perfect, but it’s home.

You are welcomed here.



Technical Updates and Personal Thoughts

We have a fixed a bug that hid a few (3) businesses under one dot that were located within the same office building. Now each and every business on the map can be seen. We’ve also expanded our map to beyond Spokane. With the inclusion of all the CHAS locations, the map now stretches beyond Spokane and into Cheney (WA), Deer Park (WA), Lewiston (ID), and Moscow (ID). It may be time for the Spokane Trans* Map to become more than just a map for the Spokane area, and perhaps the entire Pacific Northwest or more.

Spokane Trans Map Footprint

Our Current Footprint



A Washington Podcast We Support

The Spokane Trans* Map is proud to support the podcast How To Be A Girl. Every time an episode of How To Be A Girl is released, the Spokane Trans* Map donates $20.00 to support the show. The show is centered around a mother and her daughter (who happens to be trans*). While they don’t live in Spokane (Seattle, actually), we believe that these are the types of dignified voices that speak on behalf and in support of this community that should receive support to help sustain their efforts. While we may not be able to donate a lot, we will absolutely do what we can.



Website Updates & Changes

We’ve updated our website! You’ll now find that we’ve included three tabs across the top of the map, and each tab will give you a different view of the map. While these views were previously available, they were difficult to find. We want to thank Thinking Cap Communications & Design for prompting and collaborating with us on this improvement. Feedback is always appreciated. Feel free to email us at




Krem 2 

The Spokane Trans* Map has received its first televised coverage.

We thought that the whole segment does a great job at articulating what the map is, what it is for, and how it works. Definitely check the link above out if you haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for reaching out KREM 2 News!



The Inlander

We recently received some coverage in The Inlander.

There an inaccuracy in the article that we want to clear up.

“To be designated as trans-friendly on the map, a business needs to have single-occupancy bathrooms that allow transgender individuals to sidestep potentially awkward or dangerous situations presented by multi-occupancy bathrooms.”

That’s not true. As per the About Us page on this website, Trans* Friendly is defined as “If a business is “Trans* Friendly”, this conclusion is drawn from personal experiences and contributions made to this map, but it is not a statement made by the business. ”

The single occupancy bathrooms bit is indeed a way to help transgender individuals potentially sidestep dangerous situations, but it is not what makes a business Trans* Friendly.

  • A business can be trans* friendly and can have a single occupancy bathroom.
  • A business can be trans* friendly and can have a multi-occupancy bathroom.
  • A business can be trans* hostile and can have a single occupancy bathroom.
  • A business can be trans* hostile and can have a multi-occupancy bathroom.