About Us

This is a side project that hopes to make a little bit easier for Spokane’s Trans* community. Ideally, we want to create a map where trans* folk can identify which businesses are friendly, where single occupancy bathrooms are located, and which places have made a commitment to being trans* inclusive.

How this tool works:

Each dot on the map represents a business. Click on the dot and you’ll get additional information as to whether or not the business is transgender friendly and other details. You can also use the layers button to get a overview of friendly companies in Spokane.

If a business is “Trans* Friendly”, this conclusion is drawn from personal experiences and contributions made to this map, but it is not a statement made by the business. If you are a member or ally of the trans* community, please use our contact form to share your experiences that we can add to the map.

If a business is “Verified”, it means that the business owner or management has explicitly stated the their company welcomes trans* folk. If you are a business owner, please use our contact formĀ to get in touch with us to update your listing.